The Institute possesses 56 patents, including 41 selective achievements, and 15 innovation patents. Scientists of the Institute created and tested with author’s certificate in beef cattle breeding 2 breeds, one factory type; in dairy cattle breeding 2 breeds and 3 factory types; in horse breeding 2 breeds, 2 intra-species type, 2 factory-type horses; in sheep breeding 3 breeds; in goat breeding 1 breed; in poultry farming 4 crosses; In the forage production, 16 varieties of fodder crops included in the State Register of Selection Achievements.
The Kazakh Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Forage Production became the winner of the Republican Contest of Innovations in the Field of Invention “SHAPAGAT – 2014” in nomination “The Best Invention of the Year”. The presentation of diplomas and memorable tapes was held in Astana in the Palace of Creation “Shabyt” on May 22, 2014.
By order of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 147 dated April 14, 2014, the title “Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was nominated to Professor Abdrahman Moldanazaruly Ombayev, Director General of the Kazakh Institute of Animal Husbandry and ForageProduction, He holds 45 patents of Kazakhstan, 2 patents of Russia. He is the author of the Ordabasin sheep breed of meat-fat productivity (2013), the otyrar type of karakul white sheep (2005), 7 factory types of karakul sheep of different colors.