By | 29.01.2018

On 29-th of January 2018 lecture of the acting Director General of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Forage Production, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Abdirakhman Ombaev on the theme “Peculiarities of breeding farm animals in the arid zone of Kazakhstan” for undergraduates and doctoral candidates PhD KazNAU on the program of International Winter School. 

The lecture was underlined selection achievements in the livestock breeding of Kazakhstan scientists and founders of new branches of domestic agricultural science. The professor explained to young scientists the illustrative example of problem solution with producing and provision of the Republic’s population with high productive and environmentally clean livestock products of their own in arid climate. Modern approaches to the assessment of the quality of breeding animals of species, types and lines and the introduction of new highly productive ones based on the use of modern methods with innovative technology are considered. Theoretical and practical knowledge was shown.

It should be noted that from January 22 to February 3, 2018, the Kazakh National Agrarian University conducts the International Winter School-2018. The main goal of the school is to obtain new knowledge, practical skills, mastering of innovative technologies and methods of scientific research for young scientists.

350 international students and young scientists take part in the international winter school, including 78 participants from 18 universities of the far and near abroad and 272 people from 17 Kazakhstan universities.

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