By | 19.03.2018

The new book was published by the general director of the Kazakh Research Institute of Animal Breeding and Forage Production, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Abdirakhman Ombaev.

The monograph is devoted astrakhan sheep breeding, which in Kazakhstan is provided in main two unique species – Karakul astrakhan and Kazakh Karakul- fat-tailed.

The book resume the results of long standing author’s (1971 – 2017) researches and literature data covering a complex of selection and technological measures in lambskin sheep breeding. It describes the origin of karakul sheep and karakul-Kazakh fat-tailed breed (tested in 1998 as a fat-tailed breed Atyrau astrakhan-meat-fat productivity) details the origin of the lambskin sheep breeds, their biological and productive features, breeding methods, the principles of boning lambs, sorting skins of astrakhan, with the illustration of unique photographic materials.

From the date of publication only album on valuation of karakul lamb skins and product evaluation, it has been more than 35 years. Over the years of selection and breeding work with karakul sheep breed has reached an entirely new level, additional directions of lambskin sheep breeding have emerged, a unique Kazakh Karakul fat-tailed breed has been selected, expanded the assortment, colors and shades of karakul skins, new factory and intra-breed types of Karakul sheep were created, changes have been made to the Instruction on the valuation karakul lambs and standards for karakul-astrakhan raw materials.

The book-album consists of 6 chapters, written professionally and competently. Designed for agricultural specialists and students, masters, Phd-doctorants of veterinary and engineering faculties of agricultural profile.

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