Organizational and legal


The department employs qualified specialists and managers with relevant higher education. The Department of Organizational, Personnel and Legal Support is a structural subdivision of the Institute performing the following functions:

  • performs management of completing of the enterprise of shots;
  • organizes the verification of employees of the enterprise;
  • scientific and methodical support of personnel work;
  • provides unified procedure for document circulation, record keeping in Kazakh and Russian languages;
  • develops the nomenclature of cases, monitors the correctness of the execution of documents and their transfer to the departmental archive, oversees the work of the archive in accordance with the normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, instructions and methodological recommendations of the State Archives;
  • carries out legal maintenance of the enterprise, protection of legal interests of it;
  • methodical guidance of legal work at the enterprise;
  • consultation on legal and personnel matters, rendering assistance in execution of documents and acts of property and legal nature;
  • participates in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen contractual, financial and labor discipline, etc.

The head of department is Peruza Nogaybayeva,
w.p.: 303-64-45, 8(777) 033-68-14.