Scientific and analytical


The main goal of the department is: propaganda of scientific knowledge, advanced training of research staff, communication with foreign partners.


  • solution of organizational issues taking into account the required documentation of high authorities;
  • preparation of acts of the rendered services in scientific projects;
  • preparation of rating assessment of activity of institute, in 1 month, in a half-year and in a year;
  • preparation of letters, publications of books, recommendations, monographs, methodical grants etc.;
  • preparation of materials for exhibitions and their organization;
  • preparation of semiannual and annual reports on scientific and propaganda activities;
  • drawing up plans of publications and speeches of employees in mass-media;
  • preparation of monthly and quarterly reports on media in the KS, RZ forms – 2, KT – 1 and semi-annual in forms of the Tax Code, KT – 2 and MO;
  • fulfillment of applications for patents, copyright certificates, correspondence;
  • organization of preparation of articles on republican and international conferences;
  • drawing up plan for foreign internships of employees.

The manager of the sector is Ulpan Kenzhebayeva,
w.p.: 303-63-42, 8(778) 367-78-41.